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What type of home you have does not matter? It could be a single home, multi-family home, apartment, townhouse, or even club house. Whatever it is, your hoa should have your back and be ready to provide the best roofing service they can find. Ultimately, your roof is extremely important because it is what keeps you and your family safe from the elements. But even further, a healthy roof keeps bugs out and allows you to save money on heat by not letting it escape through the cracks!

HOA community roofing is important because a bad roof can ruin curb appeal. When this happens property values can tank and even worse things can set in like mold. It is your duty as a homeowner or renter to let the homeowner’s association know that it is in there best interest financially to make sure you have the best roofing service done on your home.

Let’s get real for second ok? We both know a roof is expensive…perhaps one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to replace on your home. We also know that HOA’s everywhere are notorious for just wanting to patch fix everything. Here at roof troop we are on your side and know all the ins and outs when dealing with these people. Give us a call and we’ll fight on your behalf to make sure you have the best roof replacement your neighborhood has ever seen!

Roofs are also extremely important when selling a house not just for the HOA’s sake but for yours as well. We’ve all done it at one time or another…but when we see an ugly roof we tend to think the same of the people inside…and if the potential buyers think that’s the type of people they’re dealing with, they might just high tail it out of there all together.

On the off chance that your monthly HOA fees don’t cover your roofing needs, we will meet with you and your Homeowners association to come up with a solution that is both in code with regulations and affordable, so it doesn’t break your bank. We’ve done this countless times before so don’t worry…you’re in great hands!

What To Look Out For!

Sometimes HOA roofing companies can do extremely shoddy work because they are hired in as the cheapest. Be careful of that! Although not all homeowners associations are bad, most of them will try to pinch every penny they can while they require you to spend every one of yours. Here are some things to look out for.

1. Crew leaders not checking in: if you only meet with the crew member once and don’t see him back at your home after that, be very cautious. Some companies will coax you in with their nice words but not be concerned or paying attention to the work that is being done at your home.

2. Lack of tarps: replacing a roof will have lots of trash because of the old shingles and since its smart to not have a trash bag on the roof, the next best thing is to just toss it down. A good roofing company will tarp the ground at the base of your house to make pick up easy…however if you don’t notice any tarps around your house you should be concerned about the trash that will be left over like nails.

Experience Matter!


3. Speedy work: Now I know that might sound like a good thing…but there are certain aspects of replacing a roof that takes time and diligence. Even though most roofs can be completed in one day on a regular home, some bigger ones might take longer. If it is completed in a time that seems too good to be true…it probably is.

4. Google reviews: Most HOA’s will disregard the google reviews so long as the price is really cheap since that’s all they really care about. If you notice the reviews on the HOA roofers coming out to your house are low do not be afraid to voice your concern and be heard. This is your house and money we are talking about here! You deserve the best!

5. Short warranties: If the roofing HOA company that comes out to your house is offering a very short warranty of about six months to a year, you should be very skeptical. Such a short warranty sounds very much like a patch fix that they are not all that confident in. Something like this could turn into quite an expensive fix down the road that would likely be out of your own pocket book.

What Are Some Things The HOA Will Look For On Your Roof To Have You Replace It?

If your roof or home has any of the listed features above you may want to make sure you double check your mail every day for that dreaded HOA roofing letter. After that letter is sent and in the mail you will most likely be hit up by many different HOA roofers and HOA roofing companies. However, we strongly recommend you call someone who has years of experience in the industry and isn’t just the lowest bidder. 

The old saying always rings true “The cheapest route is always the most expensive” and that could not be any more accurate in the game of roofing. You never want to concede to the HOA’s choice of roofers because that work will always be the cheapest and leave you knee deep in even more repairs just months later. 

Go ahead and drop us a line today! We will be happy to answer any HOA roofing questions you may have!

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