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Everything To Know For Apartment Roof Replacements

As a property manager or even owner, you are probably aware that you will need a roof replacement at some point in time. What you may not be aware of however, is what you should be looking for in the commercial roofing company you choose to work on your housing complex.

Although we all know that an apartment complex roof will need regular maintenance time to time, just like a regular home…these maintenance and repair projects tend to be much bigger than those of regular home. Don’t let that worry you though, commercial roofs like ours are meant to last for years!

If you are a property manager, and have a tenant complain about a leaky roof, or even notice some caving yourself…it may be time an apartment roof replacement.

All that said, you need to work with a commercial roofing company with years of experience in replacing apartment complex roofs. In the long run this will save you lots of time and money. As the saying goes…the cheapest is the most expensive in the end. Work with a company you can trust!

Apartment Roof Replacements Are Important Because…

Your number one responsibility as a property manager is the safety and well being of your tenants. It is in your best interest to make sure that their living space is well maintained, safe, and has no physical hazards.

One of the biggest parts we’re all aware of by now is that of the roof and keeping it safely over their heads with no worries. Although you may have had a really good commercial roof put on years ago, even the best ones need replaced and repaired eventually.

But hey, before going out and spending money on repairs or replacements, take a look at these 4 tips you can try as a manager to have your apartment roof last as long as possible!

1: Make sure your roof surfaces are cleaned at least once every year

Perhaps the main benefit to cleaning the surface of the roof and getting rid of most of the debris is actually being able to keep water drainage smooth. Making sure that water is draining appropriately is especially important during the winter months, nobody wants to deal with snow and ice that keeps melting and creating bigger holes and rips in the roof. Taking care of something as simple as this each year is a great way to prolong your roofs life!

2: Repair Damaged Roof Flashing

Trouble is almost always right around the corner when there is damage roof flashing. Reason being in this case, is that water leakage almost always begins here after the flashing has been damaged.

The most important parts of maintaining a functional roof is to keep tabs on the metal strips around the chimney and edge of the roof. Taking care of the minor repairs like this as a property manager is the best way to avoid a complete roof replacement or large roof repair.

What causes damaged roof flashing in most cases? Typically, strong wind and hail storms will damage roof flashing. Always keep your eye out on strong storms in your area!

Experience Matter!


3: Wear and Tear Awareness

Of the ones on this short list, this is probably the most simple. Yet, it is so important! Many property managers will overlook the real simple stuff and they wont pay attention to some small details here and there. For example, if your shingles begin to curl, go missing, or fall off in the middle of a sunny day…you should know you have a roof problem. At that point, you will need to reach out to a commercial roofing professional immediately!

Unfortunately, things might not always be that clear cut. Generally speaking, it’s best to go with your gut instinct, even if you can’t see the potential issue completely…it is still a good idea to reach out for a professional opinion to see what issues may be temporarily lying dormant. That is much better than letting a small problem become a big problem!

A great way of reaching out is by phone so you can schedule a free estimate with one of apartment roofing experts in Colorado Springs!

4: Immediately Have a Roof Inspection After a Large Storm!

Although this relates a bit to our second point earlier, anytime there is severe weather, there is a potential for roof damage. With that being the case, you want to make sure your tenants roof is inspected immediately. Not only is this a good way to find any potential issues or damages…but it is also a great way to show just how much you care about your tenant by having one of us out right away!

Even though leaks are real obvious signs of roofing damage for your apartment, not everything is as easy to see as that…the only way to really know what type of damage you have after a storm like that is to have a professional out to check everything out from head to toe.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to not wait long after the storm hits to have your roof checked out. If you don’t get it checked quick enough, another storm may come by and make the damage even worse! And I think we can all agree that is a situation no property manager ever wants to be in!

So Why Choose Us?

We have been the top commercial roofing contractor in Colorado Springs for years! We have worked with many property managers over the years and each of them are very pleased with the apartment roof replacements and apartment roof repairs we have done for them.

Our team has decades of combined experience under their belts and have passed all their certifications with flying colors. We also have thorough back ground checks on each of our crew members so you can rest assured knowing that you have true experts and good people showing up to your property to service it.


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