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Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair can be a daunting job and a serious expense that will most likely involve a good deal of reconstruction of the years.  When considering a new installment, it’s important to note that, in most cases, roofing problems can be avoided while others come about from general wear and tear.  Choosing a quality Colorado commercial roofing contractor is extremely important to help you sidestep the pitfalls that may come your way so that you can get your project completed on time.  Let us take a look at some common reasons for repair… 

Poorly maintained property – the quality of a roof can go down when it has not been maintained according to the specifications spelled out by the builder.  Maintaining a roof on a regular basis can be a significant financial investment, but not maintaining it can lead to even more costs down the road, even to the point of a costly replacement. So, when considering new roofing commercial building owners should have regular maintenance costs budgeted for expenses.  

Wind Damage – When wind goes over the edges of shingles or panels, they can be compromised by a partial vacuum that is created.  When most people think of the causes of damaging wind, they often think of hurricanes and tornadoes, but winds less intense (in some cases, as little 5 mph winds) can also result in roof damage.  This damage can widely be prevented with properly applied metal edging strips 

Weathering – Since all materials used for roofing can degrade due to weather, it is important to take not of the different factors that can apply.  Such factors include: 

Based on your specific city’s dry, humid, or tropical climate, a roofing contractor should be able to tell you what materials will respond best.  

Poor Design – A major source for the premature decline in a roof leading to repair or replacement can be poor design.  For this reason, building owners will want to hire contractors that will provide a manufacturer’s warranty, which will ensure that the quality of the installation and materials are up to par. 

Flashing Damage – Contractors use flashings to keep water from leaking into your home from the seams where the surfaces of the roof meet, such as steam pipes and chimneys.  For this reason, flashing can often be the first parts of a roof that experience decline and should be watched closely with regular maintenance.

Stripping Damage – In order to protect the smooth surfaces of a roof from wind damage, contractors will use metal edge strips or gravel stops.  However, over time, these strips can have broken joints or splits in their edges.  Providing internal drainage, or raising the strip above the water line can help prevent this.  

Improper Mountings – Roof leaks can be especially hard to repair when mountings are driven directly into the roof, penetrating into the membrane.  Sadly, many owners will install satellite dishes, antennae, signs or other items without knowing this.  When an improperly installed mounting is the cause of a leak, the mounting will need to be removed before the roof can be repaired.

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Pooling Water – Even though flat roofs are fairly easy and inexpensive to maintain, they are notorious for experience water pooling especially in the Spring and Fall months.  Without a properly installed run-off, water can collect and increase the likelihood of deterioration often resulting in the need for an immediate repair.  

Low hanging branches – This is a problem that although more common in residential areas, some businesses can be damaged from branches that are brushing up against your roof.  These branches can cause damage to the roofing material, your siding, and the waterproof membrane underneath.  You would want to make sure that these branches are trimmed back enough so they do not come in contact with your property.  


Blow-offs – In most cases commercial buildings are more durable than homes, however they are not immune to high winds which often leads to free materials being blown off the property.  If the wind is strong enough, these materials can leave huge portions of the roofs surface susceptible to the elements

When considering a commercial roof repair, in the business world it can be even more stressful because every day that you have your business shut down for the repair is a day that you’re not bringing in revenue.  So obviously, it is paramount to any business owner to get their operation back up and running as soon as they can.  

For many years, businesses have to decide to go with the quick installation and peace of mind that choosing a metal roof provides… and since replacement and repair for metal roofs can be a quick and straight forward task, it is still just as important when choosing your Colorado Springs commercial roofer for the undertaking.  Since your time is valuable to you, you need a commercial roofing contractor who has metal roofing repair experience.  It is also important for you check their references to verify their quality of work and to make sure they can complete the job on time and within the budget they quote to you in their estimates.  

After you have settled on a contractor, you will want to draw up a contract that spells out all the Colorado roofing solutions that they promised to provide.  This contract should clearly lay out all the costs for the repair work, the time it will take for the repair, the labor and materials as well as a beginning and ending date.  The contractor should also include whether or he will need to hire and subcontractors and the warranty timeframe for the repairs.  When the contract is completed, be sure to read the fine print carefully and address any inconsistencies before any work gets started.  

When the work has finished, you will want to have the work professionally inspected to make sure that everything has been done up to code before signing off on the project, especially large-scale projects.  It goes without saying because this is your business at stake 


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