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Snow Damage

Snow damage isn’t always the easiest to see over here in the Colorado springs area. In fact, unless it’s crazy amounts of snow or ice, most people aren’t even aware that snow damage can occur on a roof. Homeowners think that because the water is frozen they are actually safe from any potential damage, unfortunately that is just not the case. Water is dangerous for a roof during anytime of the year and winter is no different.

So how exactly does the ice or snow damage your roof?

Just as they do in other seasons during the year, temperatures fluctuate, and this constant melting and refreezing absolutely mauls your roof. The water will melt into the cracks and holes in your roof, then expand as it refreezes causing the holes and rips to become even bigger. Imagine something like this happening 5 or 6 times over the winter and getting blasted by a huge leak as the temperatures begin to warm? Not fun at all!

But let’s talk about the bright side for a second. A roof that is in good condition should be able to support about 20lbs of snow…that’s roughly 4 feet, and only every once in a while do we see more than that head our direction every winter. However, when we get hit with those occasional big storms it would be in your best interest to check for a sagging roofline…this could be an indication of wear and tear that someone like us should take a look at.

Colorado Springs Roofing

There are some other signs of ice and snow damage repair that might be needed. The main one is icicles along your roof. Wait really? Those aren’t just there to look cool on Christmas morning? Unfortunately no, they’re not. Icicles along the roof are actually a huge indication of Ice dams and those are dangerous because they can cause structural damage, leaks, and physical hazards to those who walk around underneath them.

Wait wait wait, hold on a second now…just what in the world is an ice dam and how does it come to be?

I’m glad you asked! 

An ice dam is a basically exactly how it sounds…it’s a big block of ice that gets in the way of things. The way they are created is from uneven roof temps from poor ventilation. Basically, the warm air in your attic will cause the snow and ice to melt…running down the corners of your roof. But by the time it reaches the run off point it will freeze again causing a blockage in the gutter system. This will then force the water back up the shingles to freeze and then turn into icicles. These icicles will be a huge hazard because they can grow big enough to potentially tear down gutters and shingles if not properly taken care of by a snow repair roofing company in Colorado Springs.

Ok so can I remove them by myself? If I can what do I use?

If you are trying to remove an ice dam by yourself, we recommend that you only do so if it is within a comfortable reach. Anything further out than that we strongly recommend calling a snow damage roofer that has the proper equipment. For all the DIY’ers all you need to get rid of the ice dam is an ice melting tool. Next, after you break off the dam, check the surrounding areas for any more areas where snow and ice may form and cause ice dams in the future. Once the area is all checked, you’re all good! In the case that you have a flat roof, or something low sloping, you can use a roof rake!

Remember, snow repair, snow damage repair, and ice dam repair is not a one and done process. You will need to monitor it constantly while temperatures are fluctuating between 0 and 40 degrees over the winter.

Hey, out of curiosity, how can I prevent ice dams from forming in the first place?

The best way to prevent an ice dam from happening on your roof is to make sure it is properly and evenly ventilated. The way to make sure it is evenly ventilated is to make sure your underlayment is quality upon building or replacement. If you have any questions as to the quality on the underlayment on your roof, one of our team members will gladly come out and take a look for you! Our knowledge on snow repair and ability to work in the cold is what really separates us from our competition.

Experience Matter!


So why should I call you guys to help me with my snow repair on the roof?

We have several years of experience in the Colorado Springs area and have helped save many roofs under heavy ice and snow. Simply put, we are the best in the biz…but hey don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on google! Every member on our crew has passed every certification test needed by flying colors. Our team is elite and nobody who doesn’t know what they’re doing is involved with us. We take pride in being the best snow damage repair team in Colorado Springs, and it is our promise to you that when you call…experts show up at your door. 

We also won’t haggle you like some other guys in the area might. We all know what these services are worth, and we ultimately want to help everyone who needs it. So, we promise that all quotes you receive are fair and honest. We treat all our customers like your great grandma Edith, protection from the elements at a rate that doesn’t break the bank. We also offer many incentives and bonuses when you decide to work with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We have our top snow damage repair experts in Colorado Springs eagerly waiting to help you out. Even if you just have a couple questions about what your issue might be, we will be happy to walk you through that over the phone!

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