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What Exactly Are Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are exactly what they sound like. They are shingles that are designed to look very similar to asphalt shingles, but instead they have the ability to harness solar energy! You might be concerned that this tech is fragile and weaker than regular asphalt shingles. To the contrary! Solar shingles have actually proven themselves equal to or greater than asphalt shingles in strength and flexibility. Solar shingles appear as if they are straight from the future. Your average solar shingle will produce somewhere between 13 and 63 watts of energy to power your home. Amazing right? We think so too! Solar shingles really give you the best of both worlds because you get 2020 tech, and you are able to get the same level of protection from rain, wind, and hail!

Colorado Springs Solar Shingles

Panels VS Shingles

You might be wondering: “but hey, the guy on the tv said I should get solar panels in my yard instead, why should I listen to you?”. And that is totally valid, we hear you. There are some benefits of solar shingles you should be aware of however. Solar shingles are more aesthetically pleasing, that’s pretty much not up for debate because solar shingles really look like regular old shingles until you get a closer look. Solar shingles also are more cost effective. Studies show that solar shingles are 10-15% more cost effective per watt as compared to solar panels. Lastly, solar shingles have the option of being able to be removed and reinstalled if you ever needed to move out of your current home.

There are some disadvantages to solar shingles however, they are not without flaw completely. For example, they can actually be less energy efficient than regular solar panels in some specific situations. If you have a roof that is not sloped with great sunlight exposure, then solar shingles are probably not your best option. They are also not super popular yet and roofing companies in Colorado Springs are just now moving out of the experimental phase. The traditional solar panel can also produce more energy per watt if we were to compare the cost of installing solar shingles.

How Much Do Solar Shingles Cost For My Roof?

If you live in an average sized home and you are looking to replace your current roof with solar shingles, you can expect to spend anywhere from $60,000 to $75,000. There are a variety of factors that go into this price though. For example, the slope of your home, pitch, and size of your roof are all going to play into that price. If you are looking at adding it in patches, you will find the average square foot of solar shingles to $21 to $25 depending on the brand you go with. Costs will always vary depending on your local Colorado Springs solar shingle roofing contractor. If you are interested in finding out pricing for your own home, give us a call today! We can’t wait to see how we can bring energy savings to your home!

How Many Shingles Will My Home Need?

Unfortunately, it is hard to come up with an exact number. To better understand what you need, you should start tracking your energy consumption so we can reverse engineer, in a sense, what you need to have for energy costs to be net zero. Even if you can’t get all the solar shingles on your home you might want, getting all that you can, will help drastically! However, if you are looking at a roof replacement altogether…this isn’t the worst option to go with, especially considering the ROI you stand to make. Let’s talk ROI. According to one of the most recent cost vs value reports, replacing the roof on your home can actually have a 71%. If you are looking to sell your home way down the line, this would be a great selling point. The guys over at the Department of Energy have found that homebuyers will be willing to spend a $15,000 additional premium for homes with solar shingles as compared to homes without.

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How Long Will My Solar Shingles Last?

If we were to look at the averages from all the current solar shingled roofs out there, we will find that the average panel will have maximum energy output for at least 20 to 30 years. Although they will still produce energy after the 20 year mark…it will not produce energy at the same capacity. A great comparison would be to that of a cell phone battery. Cell phones still output energy…just not at the same rate as before.

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