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Tile Roofs

You know the roofs we’re talking about! The ones you see in all the exotic chase scenes over in Europe and Spain, yep now we’re talking! Tile roofs are recognized by and known for their wavy look. Many people find themselves just loving the design all by itself…but what are the positives and negatives about them? Is it even worth the investment?

Tile roofs are made from concrete, slate, ceramic, or even clay tiles. There are many different options available. The installation process for tile roofs are pretty similar to any other roof installation. You start at the bottom of the roof, securing the first row of tiles, then overlap each of the rows that come after. You secure tiles by nails just like you would a regular old asphalt roof. People are always concerned that tile roofs have to be installed in a completely different way than other roofs, but don’t fall prey to that fear. Even though the cost of installation is just a tad more than a regular roof, it is nothing that will break your bank.

What Are The Pros Of A Tile Roof?


When a proper installation is performed, you will have a roof that can withstand a lot of fury thrown its way. In most cases you will find tile roofs that are able to take the punishment of hail stones up to 2 inches in diameter. That’s pretty large! And that’s just the average, some have been hit with way worse and walked away unscathed.


Tile roofs are known to last literally hundreds of years. Why do you think we still see tile roofs over in Europe and Spain today? Those are the original roofs. The proof is in the pudding! There are no roofing materials that compare to the overall toughness and grit of tile shingles.


Tile roofs are known for being fireproof. This is because the clay and concrete tiles that are used have a class A rating. These tiles are more than impressive to say the least. How cool would it be to say that your roof is fireproof? I guess it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

High-Wind Resistant

Tiles are designed and tested to withstand 150+ mph winds, and in very few conditions will you actually need to use all that strength. Giving a tile a wind resistance rating that high is basically saying, hey man…this roof will be to stare most tornadoes in the eye and not budge!

Experience Matter!



For all of our environmental savy friends out there we are happy to inform you that tile roofs are recyclable. The clay, concrete, and ceramic tiles are often recycled at great ease.


Perhaps one of the best perks of having a tile roof is how breathable it is. Because of the space between the tiles on the roof, you are able to keep your home better insulated during the winter, and cooler during the summer. 

Low Long-Term Cost

As we have already established, tile roofs can last literally hundreds of years. This gives them the lowest cost over time compared to any other roofing material in the market. Talk about ROI!

What Are Some Cons About Tile Roofs?

Most Expensive To Install

Compared to a regular asphalt roof, a tile roof is going to hundreds of times more. That’s no exaggeration either. A square foot of asphalt roof is typically $3 to $5…a square foot of tile roof is usually $400 to $1,000. Clearly this is a decision that can’t be made overnight as it involves a lot of money. We strongly suggest considering what your use for the roof would be. If you are simply wanting to go for the aesthetics, there may be better options available that don’t cost nearly as much. However, if money is no object, then a roof like this is exactly what you want! The benefits far exceed the price.


Unfortunately, another area tile roofs get dinged is the weight, the material is pretty heavy compared to others like asphalt for example. A clay tile will weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 850lbs whereas a concrete tile will weigh up to 950lbs per square foot. That means they will probably require extra structural reinforcement to some extent. Just to put things in perspective…regular asphalt shingles weigh just 225lbs to 325lbs per square foot. Quite a big difference if you ask me! 


Even though they are able to take a lot of punishment after installation…they can break if a person steps on it during installation.

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