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6 Most Common Commercial Roofs & Material

Every single commercial roof you come across will be different to some extent. Afterall different owners have different needs and budgets of their own. The type of commercial roof you wind up choosing for your company in Colorado Springs will play an important role for the safety of your building and equipment as well as the life of the roof itself. Things that need to be considered when choosing what type of commercial roof to be built would be weather and animals…especially the bears. All those things considered will have a huge impact on your roof’s life over time.

To help give you some insight on what it all takes to build a commercial grade roof, we are going to go over a few of the common builds and the materials used to bring them to life. 

Most commercial roofs will be flat or very low sloped, this means that the material list will be limited. The six most common commercial roof builds in Colorado Springs are:

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Green Roofs

These roofs have only become more popular recently but have tremendous benefits if you choose to have one built for your company. Not only are they possibly the most durable roof option on this list, but they also manage energy and water drainage at an insane level! When most people think of a green roof they think of something weak and shabby only really used for housing plants…to the contrary though, today’s green roofs are stronger than yesterdays, more functional, very aesthetically pleasing. It is no shocker as to why these roofs are beginning to get built in droves as new companies start up in the area.

Thermoplastic Roofs

Thermoplastic Roofs are a great option for restaurants or any business that emits a good amount of heat or oils. The materials used in this type of roof is lightweight and provides great resistance to things like tears, UV light, and bacterial growth. If the most important factor for your commercial roof is that it has high resistance to fire and wind, then this is the roof for you. Businesses everywhere give this roof praise for its ability to resist the hottest of temperatures and show no signs of wear.

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Thermoset Roofs

If long-lasting durability and versatility is what you are looking for, look no further than the thermoset roof system! This commercial roof uses high grade rubber that is flexible in all temperatures, easy to install, maintain, repair, and has high resistance to UV light. If you are also interested in a roof that can resist some ozone and acid, you may want to give this one a look. Another great feature about thermoset roofs is their ability to keep cooling costs low! Who else loves low cooling costs???

Modified Bitumen Roofs

This type of commercial roofing is a bit different. It is a fabric that carries bitumen and it is usually cut and applied by the contractor in a 2 ply fashion as it is secured to the roof deck. If you are looking for crazy simple, look no further. This is the type of commercial roof that will likely come with the least amount of headaches. A simple annual cleaning will be all it takes to keep this bad boy in tip top shape. This type of roof is also the most ideal if you have consistent foot traffic on your roof.

Metal Roofs

This is perhaps one of the most popular choices for commercial businesses simply because it opens up to a whole new category itself because of how many different metals are available.

You have options like galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, stone coated steel, and much, much more!

Even though metal might be susceptible to rust, we are smarter than that in todays world. There are many different kinds of protective layers we are able to place over the surface of these roofs to keep them strong for years to come.

Metal roofs are typically chosen because of their high fire resistance ratings and the fact that they are stronger than most other commercial roofing options.

Built Up Roofing

This is your old school option of tar and gravel. It is cost effective and simple. The amount of layers you want can vary based on your specific requirements and budget. These roofs are also a low slope design…not entirely flat.

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