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Wind Damage

When a vicious Colorado Springs storm like a tornado or hurricane develops, you typically have very little time to even find adequate shelter; much less have enough time to guard your home and property from impending wind damage.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time so that when a storm does hit, you’re ready for it. When the storm is at your door, the only thing you can really think to do is to stay safe.  

To do this properly and mitigate any storm damage repair as much as possible, you will need to take into consideration your home or property’s features and characteristics, the financial resources you have available and you neighborhood’s building codes. Many things you should be able to do on your own, but others you may need to contact a contractor to help curb whatever damage from the type of windstorm Colorado Springs can produce.  You will first want to consider the risk to your home and get in touch with local aid agencies such as the American Red Cross. 

Windstorms can be especially brutal to your shingles.  The damage doesn’t occur from wind getting beneath the shingle, but from the vacuum that’s created above the surface of your roof.  If you have ever seen a Tornado approach a house and then all of the sudden the roof is ripped off and sent flying, well this is the same principle in effect with shingles, just on a small scale.  The first thing that would happen is that wind will break your shingle’s adhesive seal and once this takes place, your shingle is at risk of being torn off completely.  You will want to check every part of your roof periodically since it’s not clearly obvious if roofing material has been blown off.  If you do notice a good amount of your shingles are missing, you may want to consider putting a tarp over the affected area as soon as possible so that you can mitigate and further damage to the decking.

During the next rainstorm, these loosened shingles will flap up and down and let water seep in underneath.  You don’t want this. Heavy, wind-driven rain can be forced in causing damage to your home.  Sometimes when the shingle’s seal is broken, it can cause de-lamination which is when the membrane and insulation separate.  If this happens, the shingle can’t just simply be resealed, it will need to be replaced. It’s not unlikely for an entire roof to be replaced due to de-lamination even though all the shingles are still in place.  

Another type of wind damage that can be seen from the ground is called creasing.  This can occur when the shingle has been de-laminated and while the shingle is flapping from the wind, the shingle bent back so far that it forms a crease. In general, this will happen before the shingle is completely torn off.    

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has put together a checklist for homeowners on how to avoid wind damage that you can use in the future… 

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Know the potential risks – Are you aware of the potential hazards in your community? How frequently do windstorms and floods happen? 

Make sure that the sheathing on your roof is correctly installed – Sheathing if the plywood or boards that are nailed to your trusses and rafters.  In the event of the type of storm Colorado Springs is notorious for, the path of the wind will track from the roof – to the exterior walls – and ultimately to your foundation. When sheathing is not properly installed, winds from a storm will not be routed correctly to the ground.  Also, you will want to verify that no sheathing nails have missed the rafters… if so, you will want to do them over.

Ensure that end gables on the roof are secured – During a hurricane or any other type of windstorm, your roof’s side walls (the end gables) can be damaged severely to the point of collapse.  To avoid this, you will want to use gable bracing which is a set of 2x4s nailed as an “X” to your attic on both ends.  This is effectively done from the ending gable at the top center to the bottom brace of the fourth truss, and from the ending gable center to the roof’s peak.  

Use galvanized straps to fasten down your roof – In the middle of a strong wind storm, these galvanized straps will keep your roof secured to your walls.  These are of utmost importance if you live in an area at high risk for hurricanes  

Make sure you secure your garage door – During a windstorm, it is very possible that your garage door can be ripped off its frame.  This would allow wind to get into your home and blow out windows, destroy walls and doors, and potentially blow off your roof from the inside.  It would be a good idea to get in touch with a good garage door company to secure it.  

Use storm shutter to protect your windows – Properly install storm shutters are a great way to guard your home against high winds.  These can be purchased in either, steel, wood or aluminum. 

Evaluate your homeowner’s insurance – This is mostly important in areas that are likely to be flooded.  Since most insurance policies don’t cover flooding, you will want to get a separate policy specifically for floods and other extreme weather situations that may not be spelled out in a standard insurance policy.  Verify that your policy covers all forms of damage from storms and other natural disasters.  

Cut down tall trees or branches – During a storm, it’s likely that trees can be blown over and branches broken off.  The last thing you want is to have a tree fall onto your roof.  A general rule of thumb is to not have trees too close to your home.  If you decide to plant new trees, make sure it’s the type of tree that can withstand snow and heavy winds.

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