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Flat Roofs

Even though we have talked about commercial roofing quite a bit in our blog posts, it is actually possible that your current commercial building has the wrong type of roofing system. It is unfortunate to think about, we understand, but at the end of the day we want you to know what flat roof system is the best to have.

Buildings that have flat roof structures can sometimes fall prey to numerous problems because it wasn’t installed right the first time. The most common reason this happens is because the contractors who worked on it prior were likely inexperienced and weren’t the best people for the job. This is really unfortunate because there are a lot of things you should be aware of as the building owner that go into building a proper flat roof. 

There are times we’ve come across absolutely stellar flat roof work from someone else, however the need for the building has actually changed. When needs change the roof needs to change right along with it. For example, a building that was a butcher shop with cold meat hanging everywhere isn’t going to have the same roof as a restaurant that is always serving up hot food!

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Whatever your specific case may be, it couldn’t be more important to understand the basic process of how your flat roof is built so that you are able to make better choices when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and possible (hopefully not) future replacements. This flat roofing article for Colorado Springs will give you some great insight into the best flat roofing materials on the market and how to determine whether or not these were the ones used on your own roof!

What Flat Roof Is The Best?

Honestly this is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer out there in the roofing industry. Even though there are many different commercial buildings with nearly the same construction in the same geographic area, the business that actually goes on in those buildings vary drastically. Flat roofing is definitely not a one size fits all approach, what goes on underneath really dictates what is going to go on above. Also, we know budget will always play a factor, our team will be straight up and honest about what we think your roofing needs will be. If we aren’t the best fit for each other, no worries!

For example, we have worked with many companies that constantly switch in and out of the same building. If they are a meat shop, they are going to need a different roof than the hot restaurant kitchen. Whatever your new company needs are for the flat roof of your building, we will be able to work diligently with you to make sure every t is crossed and I is dotted. We look forward to working with you no matter how big or small your needs!

There are so many different roofing installations we could recommend as well. Sometimes you might be led to believe you need one specific fix, but you actually need something else all together!

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Built Up Roofing (BUR)

This is basically the most classic flat roof. It is basically a tar and gravel based roof to keep it simple. These roofs are able to have many different layers. They can have as many as you want or as few, however…if you plan to be walking a lot on it, we recommend using several layers.

Built up roofing systems are actually one of the easiest to repair and extremely durable. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Even though newer roofs offer some really neat technological benefits, a good old-fashioned tar and gravel roof will get the job done just fine!

Green Roofing Systems

Even though these are not the most popular option because of their price, especially over its life with all the maintenance, green roofing systems offer phenomenal environmental and energy benefits. Perhaps the best examples of these benefits are demonstrated in urban areas.

So, what exactly do these roofs consist of? These shingles are multi-layered and not only do they protect the building beneath but the vegetation above. Even though you won’t find may examples of green roofs in the manufacturing industry, you will find plenty in the city as they are becoming extremely popular among restaurants as they are used to attract new customers!

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